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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you use glitter for? Art projects, tumblers, pens, ornaments, car freshies, Epoxy/Resin projects, (jewelry, keychains, coasters, trays, paperweights, tables, replica gemstones, defense keychains, etc.) or glitter objects for your home decor.

Is this cosmetic glitter? Yes, our glitter is cosmetic grade. Our ultra fine collections is recommended for makeup. 

Can I use this glitter in soap or candles? Yes, our ultra fine collection is recommended.

Where are you located? We are located in Las Vegas, NV in the Southern Highlands 89141 area. 

Do you have a storefront to shop at in person? We currently do not have a store front; however, if you'd like to browse the collection in person, contact us at for an appointment. 

Is your glitter measured by weight or volume? Glitter in our shaker bottles are measured by 2oz weight in a 4oz bottle. Our sample bags are measured by 1 heaping tablespoon by volume and vary in range from .4 - .6 oz of glitter. Bag size is 2"x3."

Why is the bottle not full of glitter? To keep our packing consistent, we measure out 2oz of glitter by weight to the shakers. Fine glitter is more compact than the chunky glitter. Glitter vary in weight and measured at 2oz.

Do you have a catalog? Yes, catalog can be located here.

Any further inquiries, please contact at or call/text us at 702-560-8121. We'd to hear from you!

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