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About us

About Us at LV Glitter 

Who Are We 

LV Glitter is a company started with great enthusiasm and passion for the sheer love of arts and crafts. Inspired by Denzi, a personality with immense respect and admiration for creativity and passionately creative people. Our mission is to fulfill such artistic cravings of budding creators and entrepreneurs that add a touch to elevate their businesses. 

Ten years down the lane, we see ourselves working relentlessly to deliver smiles to customers. Serving many diverse markets, our product is like the 'cherry on top’ helping your project sparkle. We aim to become the largest source of glitter supply in Las Vegas, Nevada. 'Sparkle Up Your Life' is our tagline and indeed summarizes the brand wholeheartedly. 

What Do We Do 

We sell high-quality premium polyester glitter, fine glitter, chunky glitter, and so on. All our collections of glitters shine beautifully. Our creative glitter names are indeed symbolic of the Las Vegas area. The number of shades and tones of glitters we have introduced for every color is surely going to leave you overwhelmed! We strongly believe there's a color for every mood and we'd leave no stone unturned to deliver the same. 

High volume capacity, using premium materials, adequate quality control procedures and customer service are all features of our brand that contribute to our company's culture. Though we are based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we deliver nationwide and don't hesitate to provide exceptional customer service, fast shipping, and amazingly competitive prices. 

Our Interesting Story 

Denzi, the creative founder and director behind the curtain of LV Glitter has her own take to share on how this venture emerged. She was born and raised in Las Vegas, she was always a very artistic person who had great respect and admiration for arts and crafts. On a sunny Las Vegas afternoon, while she was engaged in finishing a project, she ran out of glitter and needed a specific color of glitter to complete her project. This may not seem a big deal to others but it did to her.  This was when she realized she was unable to locate a local glitter store that carried a spectrum of glitter colors or variations. Only a handful of stores like Michaels, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart were her only go-to options but barely any choices, variety, or sufficient stock left.  This was indeed the 'Eureka' moment for her. 

She knew she had to do something about it and ensure no one else faced a situation where would need to halt their creative project or be confined to just a few options available at the store. Since she knows how passionate she was about art, with this little initiative, she wanted to spread joy and the sparkle of glitter. She wants to help artists support their creative minds and encourage them to continue creating art. This is when she started planning and working on building a glitter business supply store in Las Vegas for enthusiastic artists and crafters. 

Our Core Values 

Honesty And Accountability 

At LV Glitter, fulfilling promised responsibilities and staying truthful in all the actions that we carry out is in the veins of our founder,  management and has been duly passed to every member since. We truly believe this as an uncompromisable quality. 


Creativity is one of the most fundamental values at LV Glitter. Diverse ways of using glitter in various adventures of life, innovative solutions, and encouraging new ideas all to speak volumes about our creative company. We have repeatedly shown why we are the most favorite platform for artists and crafters as well as talented budding entrepreneurs. 

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